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NASCAR RacehubSky Sports F1 | Sky F1F1 Qualifying | F1 Main RaceMotoGP Main Race | MotoGP Qualifying08:002020 Pre Season Testing13:002020 Pre-Season Testing
08:002020 Pre-Season Testing13:002020 Pre-Season Testing
06:15MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto3 FP107:35MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto2 FP108:00Pre-Season Testing08:55MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto3 FP210:15MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto2 FP211:35MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto3 FP313:00MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto2 FP313:00Pre-Season Testing20:00NASCAR Xfinity Series: Production Alliance Group 300 Practice 121:00NASCAR Cup Series: Auto Club 400 Practice 122:00NASCAR Xfinity Series Production Alliance Group 300 Final Practice22:30NASCAR Cup Series: Auto Club 400 Final Practice
06:15MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto3 FP407:35MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto2 FP408:55MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto3 FP510:15MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto2 FP511:35MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto3 FP613:00MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto2 FP618:00NASCAR Xfinity Series Production Alliance Group 300 Qualifying19:30NASCAR Cup Series Auto Club 400 Qualifying20:30NASCAR Xfinity Series: Production Alliance Group 300 Pre Race21:00NASCAR Xfinity Series: Alliance Group 300 Race21:00NASCAR Xfinity Series Production Alliance Group 300
06:15MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto3 FP707:35MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto2 FP708:55MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto3 FP810:15MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto2 FP811:35MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto3 FP913:00MotoGP: Qatar Test Moto2 FP920:00NASCAR Cup Series: Auto Club 400 Pre Race20:30NASCAR Cup Series: Auto Club 400 Race20:30NASCAR Cup Series: Auto Club 400

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Some flags are universal in meaning across different types of motor racing such as the black and white chequered flag but some flags are only used in certain kinds of racing. The white flag with a red cross is not used in FIA events such as F1, WRC, WTC or WRC or in NASCAR. It is used in IndyCar to show there is an ambulance on the track. Strangely in Pickup Truck Racing it signifies the final lap.

The Super GT series consists of 8 races with seven in Japan and one international race (currently in Thailand). Five of the races are over 300 km and Fuji GT is 500 km. Suzuka is a 10-hour endurance race. The shortest race is 250 km at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit. It is unique for having two tracks, an oval and a road course. The oval has been used for IndyCar and NASCAR, while the road course is used for Super GT, Formula Nippon as well as MotoGP.

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